Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hike Camp Hike Fall 07

We hiked a mile in darkness. I saw a cricket, snails, acorns, soil, dead leaves, and raindrops. We pitched camp in a clearing full of beer bottle fragments and cigarettes. I slept well.

Then we woke up in the morning. I woke up at about 4:30 AM. Jeremy and his dad went fishing. Jeremy caught a smallmouth bass. His dad caught one too.

We went wading and caught 7 crayfish. Ethan caught one that so big we called it Crayzilla. He put a stick through it and roasted it.

Mr. McKelvey said there was a mouse in his tent. He shined his flashlight on it. Then it put its paws up to punch him. He smacked it with a pan and knocked it out. He tossed it out of the tent. It woke up, stuck out its tongue, and ran away.

Mr. McKelvey said the following story too: Matt's Creek is called Matt's Creek because a boy named Matt died there. He was 13. It happened in the 1920's, like all stories do, and Matt had some food in his tent. A bear came. It ripped open the tent, pulled out Matt, ripped him up, and threw him in the creek. The next day, the creek was red with his blood. At night, if you listen carefully, you can hear footsteps and Matt's screams.