Monday, June 1, 2009

Troop 735 Adult Support Organization

Troop 735 Adult Support Organization (As of 5/28/09)


Committee Chair              David Carroll ©
Committee Vice Chair      Ken Spear ©
Committee Member         Treasurer  -- Jeannine Corey ©
Committee Member         Advancement -- Theresa Shultz
Committee Member        At-Large Member – Joe Feaser ©
Committee Member        At-Large Member –Gary Maltby ©
Committee Member        At-Large Member –Jeff Thompson ©


Advancement Chairs                         Theresa Shultz and Daphne Kelmar
Advancement Committee Member    Jeannine Corey
Advancement Committee Member    Jeff Thompson
Advancement Committee Member    Marlene Candrilli
Advancement Committee Member    Janine Orr
Advancement Committee Member    Jeff Bush
Advancement Committee Member    Ann Hamilton-Dixon
Advancement Committee Member    Jan Stemmerman
Advancement Committee Member    Christi Shadbolt

Chaplain’s Aid Coordinator                      Christi Shadbolt      Scout:  
Charter Organization Representative        David Fisher ©
Den Chief Coordinator                              Karen Carroll      Scout:
Eagle Scout Advisors                                Joe Feaser and Sam Sears ©
Financial Auditor                                      Open
Friends of Scouting (Council Fund Raiser)    Frank Finn and Janine Orr

Fund Raising
 Popcorn                                               Rhonda Bradshaw    
Stew Preparation Men’s Fellowship    Julie Gigante
Historian Coordinator                          Patrice Carroll      Scout:  
Librarian/Webmaster Coordinator       Nagu Parasu      Scout:  
Merit Badge Coordinator                     Karen Carroll
Patrick Henry Coordinator                   Ann Hamilton-Dixon
Quartermaster Coordinator                   Ron Bradshaw      Scout:
Recruiting Coordinator    (Webelos)     Karen Carroll
Refreshments Coordinator                    Patti Hornstra
Scouting for Food Coordinator             Greg Munson    
Scribe Coordinator                                Open          Scout:
Short Pump Park Clean-up                    Dawn McKelvey
Special Projects                                      Ken Spear
Summer Camp Coordinator (2009)        John McKelvey ©
Treasurer                                                 Jeannine Corey
Troop Guide Coordinator (ASM)           David Griffith ©     Scouts:
Troop Transition Coordinator                 Karen Carroll
Venture Scout Leaders                            Jerry Candrilli © and John McKelvey ©
Web Master & Google groups                Nagu Parasu       


Scoutmaster                              Doug Saunders ©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Alan Bittman ©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Ron Bradshaw©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Daniel Burton©
Assistant Scoutmaster (Venture)        Jerry Candrilli ©
Assistant Scoutmaster                 Chip Carroll ©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Will Carroll©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Tom Dixon©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Ed Gigante©
Assistant Scoutmaster                David Griffith©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Brian Kelmar©
Assistant Scoutmaster (Venture)        John McKelvey ©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Greg Munson©
Assistant Scoutmaster                Mike Scyphers
Assistant Scoutmaster                Nagu Parasu©
Assistant Scoutmaster (Eagle Advisor)        Sam Sears ©

© = Chartered with the Heart of Virginia Counsel for the 2008 – 2009 Scouting Year

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