Saturday, May 23, 2009

Old Rag Mountain Hike

The Old Rag mountain hike was awesome.  It was very green and beautiful. The forest was very foggy. Climbing up Old Rag was very challenging. It wasn't all hiking. We had to drop down crevices and climb on a rope. We also jumped across gaps. There were some caves and false summits we had to hike and climb through. I saw a deer, a turkey chick, and a eastern eyed click beetle on the hike. The deer had a splotch of black fur on its face. When we came to an overlook you could see across the whole valley. I had a failed video attempt of the turkey chick running around because I didn't know that I wasn't recording it. I only had six seconds of video saying, "Wow, I just started recording it!" We had to take shelter because it started raining. I saw a giant white flower. Its plant had had long, shiny green leaves. 

When we finally got back to camp and started to cook dinner, it started raining and we ran for the tents.        Everybody had dinner kind of late. After hiking Old Rag, the five or six sticks under my sleeping bag were nothing. I just fell asleep. 

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