Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Camp-out

The April campout will be held on the weekend of April 23 thru 25 at Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club. Cavalier has a 400+ acre site just 20 minutes west of the Short Pump area. The facilities include a camping area with electricity and toilet/shower facilities. There is a lake on the property for fishing and of course rifle and shotgun shooting.

Rifle and shotgun shooting for interested scouts and parents will be the main focus of this campout. Members of CRPC will be on hand Saturday morning to provide instruction in .22 rifle and shotgun shooting. Cavalier will provide ammunition, targets and rifles/shotguns. Shooters (boys and parents) will be divided into manageable groups and be assigned to a pair of NRA trained instructors. They will be shooting .22 rifle at paper and swinging/falling steel targets and have the opportunity to shoot 12 - 15 shots of trap shotgun. The shotguns provided by Cavalier include lighter .410 and 20 gauge guns along with 12 gauge, so even younger, inexperienced shooters should be able to try the shotgun without too much concern over recoil.

Scouts and parents may bring their own rifles/shotguns to shoot, but CRPC staff reserve the right to inspect and approve any personal firearms to assure a safe shooting environment. All guns must be brought to the range unloaded and in a carrying case. Shooters will be instructed when to remove their guns from the case by CRPC staff. This is for everyone's safety and these rules must be followed.

Eye and ear protection are required. Both will be available from CRPC, but if you have prescription glasses (plastic lenses) or your own shooting glasses and ear plugs/muffs, feel free to bring those.

As we have said at the last meeting, there will be no handgun, paint ball or airsoft guns allowed. These are not permitted by BSA nor CRPC rules.

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