Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brady Saunders Campout- September 19th-21st, by Boy Scout Troop 735

The Brady Saunders campout was excellent.  After getting there on Friday night, we pitched the tents and slept. In the morning, we cooked bacon, eggs, and macaroni. Mr. Griffith took us on a hike. We saw many different kinds of mushrooms and fungi.  We also found evidence of beavers, such as sharp stumps with toothmarks. There was a squirrel's nest in the crook of a tree. After coming back from the hike, Hari, Michael, Ben, Mr. Gigante, and Mr. McKelvey finished half of the orienteering course, then went down to the lake. Hari passed the BSA swimmer test, then they all demonstrated some water rescues.

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