Thursday, September 24, 2009

USS Yorktown trip

Please fill this form if you are going on this trip to USS Yorktown.

The USS Yorktown, in Charleston, S.C.,  is a US Navy carrier which served during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It houses an aviation and naval history museum, the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. Two other historic ships,  the submarine USS Clamagore and the destroyer USS Laffey, are also open for tours, while the Medal of Honor Museum, the Cold War Submarine Memorial and the Vietnam Naval Support Base, the only exhibit of its kind in the United States, provide a first-hand look at life on the front lines. Meals are served in the hangar area, and up on the flight deck are some of the most incredible war planes in the history of aviation. Campers and chaperones sleep overnight on the Yorktown in berths designed for the sailors, watch a video on the ship's service during WWII, tour the ship and its museums, ride in simlutors, earn the aviation merit badge, and take a side trip to Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, where the Civil War began.  The ship is a floating museum that stays open all night.  Every room beneath deck is laid out just as it was in service with displays of the gear and films of the action the carrier saw during the wars.

The troop had tentatively scheduled a weekend campout on the Yorktown for Jan. 15-17. That weekend, however, the carrier is booked. The only other available 3-day weekend is the weekend immediately following exams, Jan. 29-31. The scouts would leave after the morning exam on Friday, which is a half-day in school, and return Sunday evening. There is no school the next day, Monday. The fee of $80 per person covers three meals Saturday and breakfast on Sunday; the boys would need to bring a bag lunch for Friday and additional cash for supper Friday and lunch Sunday.

It is during Patrick Henry, so we may miss some of our Scouts who want to go to Patrick Henry this year.

Moms as well as Dads and siblings 6 years old and older can come along.  The Moms are housed in officers' quarters and the Dads stay in the enlisted bunk rooms with the boys.  We would like for you to think about this because we need to send in a deposit to hold our place.  The minimum number to get the group rate is 10 people.

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